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At Access Realty Solutions we are committed to provide excellent service with ethical values in almost all property related activities of the business process. We understand the problem, progress and destruction on the basis of disputed - unsuitable business place and suitable business place for any small or big business. The mantra of providing error free business space to the enterprise and entrepreneur for the economic progress of the nation inspired Mr. Uday Pundhir to lay the foundation of Access Realty Solutions Pvt. Ltd. "Simplifying Real Estate" means that Buying or selling property can be a very serious matter for a common man, in the absence of knowledge of rules, laws and regulations related to property, buying or selling property seems like a battle, imagine some inefficient, dishonest, insecurity. Through uncertainty, stress and mental anguish in giving or taking property from greedy individuals and merchants. Based on our years of experience and expertise, our team at Okhla Industrial Area, Mohan Sahakari, Nehru Place and Jasola is passionately and readily providing space to business clients for various activities like offices, warehouses, factories, workshops etc. We are an organization based on the policy of right place, right value and right title real estate to the business and businessman who help the nation progress with gratitude and dedication. Dedication and ethics are the ethos of the Access Realty Solutions team.

Our Services
We are committed to fulfill your requirements precisely and our endeavor to get the right property, right value and right customer, it's been achieved by our dedication and expertise.

A. Real Estate Broker Services:

  • Sale

    The most important thing in selling a property is to find the right buyer, a right buyer means one who pays the right price, who is ethical in the buying and selling process and adheres to the agreed terms and conditions, who values time and money. Getting a wrong buyer means many difficulties, troubles and financial, mental suffering. When you have the right property advisor, your experience of selling your property becomes a pleasure with transparent, fair value realization. We help you select the right buyer for you with our years of experience and principled service policy, contact our experienced property selling advisor or our representative.

  • Purchase

    Buying the right property is usually a task in itself; But if you find the right advisor, your property buying experience becomes fun, profitable and cost-effective, we assist you in selecting the right property for you with our years of experience and principled work ethic, our To live the smooth experience of buying property with us, get in touch with our representative now.

  • Lease

    It is important to follow proper norms, proper methods and proper rules, conditions, rules and regulations in both the dealings of renting or taking property, renting property unknowingly or without an expert can lead to many difficulties. Renting a place without knowledge and ignorance can lead to many side effects, difficulties, financial, mental problems in your business activities, so renting or letting a property through the right property consultant avoids many problems. Also we help you to make the right choice for you with our 30 years of experience and principled service policy, specialized in commercial property contact our experienced consultants or our representatives to rent or lease commercial property.

B. Collaboration

Redevelopment service of Access Realty Solutions for industrial and commercial property, though the property collaboration of old properties is reputed and best in the market, we provide property collaboration service which is dispute free, clean, freehold, good location as per approved maps. We do Only construction policy and regulations; And after mutual agreement the selected properties will be redeveloped with proper terms and conditions and after the contract is duly executed, you can choose us for a professional, transparent and marketable and self-use building redevelopment.

C. Consultancy

Access Realty Solutions's strategic objective is to provide business space with clean, accurate and hassle free, complete documentation to the professional world to their complete satisfaction, in our daily dealings we are committed to live up to our policies and objectives, in order to Through Access Realty Solution's advisory service, you can get initial and primary advice for any property selected for purchase or rent, under this you will get all the necessary documents related to the property deal, terms, conditions and practical as per the market. One gets perspective, it is necessary to take information in the initial stage, many problems can be avoided with the advice of an expert. Get in touch with us to avail our experienced, expert and ethical advisory services.