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Confidentiality of Information Personal information received from users/members of E-Mission will treated with utmost confidentiality. However, there may be some very rare exceptions; we are compelled to pass such informations about users/members to legal agencies in cases of disturbances in law & order situation and other crimes.

Sharing of information However, in certain cases we are at the liberty to hand over your personal or any other information to any state or national agency in cases of threat against the peace and security of the state or any harm against the secular body of the Republic of India.

Storage of information your personal information and other sensitive details will be treated with extreme security; to ensure the confidentiality of the information, secure servers and secure e-mail form will be utilized.

Right to check personal information Customers have the right to check their personal information and the uses to which it is being put to under the Data Protection Act of1998. If there are any inaccuracies in the personal information then they can get it corrected. Customers can also get copies of the personal information.

Storage of communication all communication exchanged with and our users will be recorded for further references especially those who have a desire to join our cyber Narcotic Anonymous forum. All persons will be considered to abide our privacy policy if he fills up the application form.